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Standing Tall in Echoes of Destiny

Elma Gabriel-Mayers’ first experience of poetry writing was during her high school years; however, even though literature and sketching was her most-liked subject, due to limited encouragement and fear of critique, she failed to pursue what in the last 20 years became apparent. Her yearning passion to express her inner thoughts ballooned not only in writing but also in verbal expression. Standing Tall in Echoes of Destiny is her first book of a collection of poems. She is a promising self-motivated author.

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The Echoes of the Soul

“The Echoes of the soul” continues in a related element of “Standing Tall in Echoes of Destiny” yet; more the flavor of an anthology, giving readers a closer view of the writer’s journey with a mixture of encounters– inspirational quotes, views, passion, mystical, love, deceit, survival, pain and motivational poetic variations and narrative, limerick, metrical, romantic, dramatic and classic patterns.

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Scopes Of Alliance

Welcome to ‘‘Scopes of Alliance”; a work of openness, tips and bits, elements which aided the writer’s journey of survival, her loss of a parent and brother during the Covid19 pandemic; her consideration to that of the encounters of many relatives, close friends and her community at large. Thousands of others; some whose last connection was that ‘drop off in faith’, that dreadful reality which equalizes a society to seclusion, Surges into a political confusion, a capitalist game controlled by a market trend, managed to the disadvantage of a people in isolation.

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