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About the Author

The love of people, the desire for social justice, honesty and freedom moved author Elma Gabriel-Mayers to pen poems portraying the plight of the under-privileged, children and senior citizens. The passionate prose and moving rhymes and verses within the pages of “Standing Tall in Echoes of Destiny” deliver a message of empowerment and egalitarianism for the hearts and minds of readers everywhere.

Gabriel-Mayers beckons a close link into life’s destiny and life’s journey. Her pieces deal with subjects like emotions, the realities of life, family, mentors, nationalism, and spirituality. Her writings denounce fear and anxieties directed towards neighbors, families, co-workers and leaders. She also speaks against the havoc caused by the establishment’s greed. She encourages resistance to the perils facing all people while promoting the will to shine in life, viewing any stumbling block as an opportunity for individuals to develop their vision and exercise their creativity.

A self-motivated author who is already launching her second book, The Echoes of the Soul, an anthology to life’s visions, realities, quotes, experience, inspirational, mysticism, sentiment, dedications and amused poetic pieces. The lyrical rhythm and profound gist in her books imbue a profound sense of connection between echoing souls, that of the author and of the reader. This writer (as depicted within the first poem of one of her a previous releases) believes in moving on, such that motivates her latest book; netted via a constitute flavor of an anthology.

Born on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the eastern Caribbean and having migrated to Canada in the 1960s’, the author acquired the label of a community activist for her stance on social and other community issues, being endorsed for her integrity by persons of all culture, religion, race, or creed. Readers will continue to witness and experience Gabriel-Mayers’ compassion, honesty, integrity and respect for all people.