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About the Author

Island vibes combined with lyrical rhyme; a passion for words paired with the desire to express and share a vision of the world that is uniquely her own are among the many descriptors that set Elma Gabriel-Mayers apart from other Caribbean storytellers.

Born in the eastern Caribbean Island of St. Vincent and Grenadines, Elma migrated to Canada in the 1960s’ where she gained the recognition and acquired the label of community activist as a result of her stance on social and other community issues. Her devotion to ‘stand-up’ and ‘show-up’ for silenced voices are among the qualities that earned her respect from persons of all culture, religion, race, or creed.

In her writings, Elma incorporates inspirational quotes among narratives that connect her Caribbean roots and heritage to her Canadian experience. It is this connection that has given the author the wisdom that is essential to delve deeper into various topics and the gift to story tell on issues related to community activism, politics, culture, religion, and race to name a few.

Moved by a desire for social justice, equality and freedom, Elma uses passionate pros to stand-up for the under-privileged while at the same time enlightening and capturing the minds of her readers. Elma speaks passionately about the havoc caused by the establishment of greed which in turn further illustrates the author’s commitment to honesty in delivering messages of empowerment and equality.

Elma is a true visionary, an artist of words who believes that the real meaning of love is embodied in the eyes’ of little ones. It is with the innocence of this inner child that the author approaches her writing. Elma’s first book, ‘Standing Tall in the Echoes of Destiny’, gave readers an introduction of a poetic style that is uniquely her own. Inspirational quotes, personal dedications, the incorporation of myths were all masterfully collected in this first publication that is so reminiscent of the author’s life’s visions, realities, quotes, and experiences.

Her second book, ‘The Echoes of the Soul’, went on to connect with readers on a higher and more spiritual level and now, true to the words Move On, Move On, a poem first published in ‘Standing Tall in the Echoes of Destiny’, the author continues her poetic journey in her third book, ‘Scopes of Alliance’.

In this most recent work, the author opens up about her journey of survival; the emotional loss of losing a parent and brother amidst a global pandemic; relationships with family, friends and her community at large and so much more. In ‘Scopes of Alliance’, the author draws us closer, within her inner circle giving anxious readers a more intimate connection to her life as well as the opportunity to read between the lines as they walk with her toward, what she terms “my destiny”.

It is with all certainty that readers will continue to witness and experience Gabriel-Mayers’ compassion, honesty, integrity, respect and love with every written word.